Affasinid chaliphate is a country by Zephyrus.The name "Affasinid" is pure fiction.


Affasinid was created by the eastern powers as a puppet after the Russo-Arabian war and the treaty of Cairo.After the alliance era,it became a superpower because of it's oil and conquered most of Africa and the middle east.

During WW4, it supported SME, but quit when they saw the tied was changing. Later, they made a failed attempt to attack the KoE and were pushed back to central Africa. They were one of the pretenders to the KoE throne. After they saw that the cause was lost, they surrendered and were pushed back. They were bitter rivals with Egypt, who they later beat.

They were one of the two survivors of the third era. After trying to take over Europe, they collapsed.

Personallity and intentionsEdit

They want all Africa and the middle east and a part of Europe. They want to travel to different dimensions.

Geography and politicsEdit

Capital; None (Affasinon)

Bordered nations: None

Bordered seas: None



Main langyage: Arabic

Secondary language: None