AHAC is the biggest known release by a mapper.

AHAC has spanned 28 seasons with 550 episodes.

AHAC Deluxe has spanned 7 seasons with 60 episodes (no episodes for Season 7 yet)

AHAC is a mix of History of East Asia and Fate of Europe that would later be aired on January 1, 2013.

ArceusFan2013 owns and directs this show up to this day!

Alternate History of Ancient China


January 1, 2013


550 Regular episodes

60 Deluxe Episodes


28 Regular Seasons (20 episodes each)

7 Deluxe Season (10 Episodes each)

Series count

6 Regular

2 Deluxe




Brandon's History of East Asia


Ethan's History of Europe: Alternate History

Major Characters

Sam Tikolo, Raymond Francis (owner), Luo Hayan (Luo Yang), Ja Dialga, Sun Palkia, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Liu Bu, Luo Han, Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Liu Liu.

Span of Show

1 Year, 4 months

Target episodes

Regular: 600 by May 2014

Deluxe: 100 by May 19th, 2014

Far from over?

ArceusFan2013 has added countless epidodes to the list. 550 have been confirmed.

ArceusFan2013 is adding officers to Deluxe...

Regular Episodes

I am quite aware that I will update this list over time...

Current Episode: Episode 550 - Mario's back! (0% complete)

Series 1

Season 1

Episode 1 - The usual thing to do

Episode 2 - Its quite odd eh?

Episode 3 - OMG its a new character!

Episode 4 - That was one party

Episode 5 - Hell's fury

Episode 6 - Where is my seal?

Episode 7 - Curiosity

Episode 8 - Its still fine

Episode 9 - Where there is a item there is an officer

Episode 10 - Oh Yeah...nice one.

Episode 11 - Trouble brews

Episode 12 - Trying to figure it out

Episode 13 - Neo-Power!

Episode 14 - Whoever heard the news?

Episode 15 - Cao Cao's revenge!

Episode 16 - Brawl for China

Episode 17 - Europe gets involved???

Episode 18 - Alliance woes

Episode 19 - Something's wrong...

Episode 20 - AHHH ITS JA DIALGA!

Season 2

Episode 21 - Creature invasion

Episode 22 - Cao Cao VS Ja Dialga (Part 1)

Episode 23 - Cao Cao VS Ja Dialga (Part 2)

Episode 24 - Don't be a dummy

Episode 25 - The Seal falls into the wrong hands...

Episode 26 - Quickfire action

Episode 27 - Discoveries

Episode 28 - Deja Vu

Episode 29 - Great Sodium Nitrates!

Episode 30 - Ja Dialga's Curse

Episode 31 - Liu Bu?

Episode 32 - Liu Bu VS Ja Dialga

Episode 33 - Dong Zhuo VS Ja Dialga

Episode 34 - Liu Bei & Sun Quan VS Ja Dialga (Part 1)

Episode 35 - Liu Bei & Sun Quan VS Ja Dialga (Part 2)

Episode 36 - Yuan Shao plots a plan

Episode 37 - Zhuge Liang knows!

Episode 38 - Sima Yi VS Zhuge Liang

Episode 39 - Sima Yi & Zhuge Liang VS Ja Dialga

Episode 40 - Ja Dialga's Conquest

Season 3

Episode 41 - Life

Episode 42 - Zhuge Liang VS Cao Cao & Cao Pi

Episode 43 - Dong Zhuo's last call

Episode 44 - More Creatures?

Episode 45 - Talin Zekrom VS Cao Cao & Cao Pi

Episode 46 - Endless cycles

Episode 47 - Go all out!

Episode 48 - Great times...Great days.

Episode 49 - From War to Union!

Episode 50 - Half-Centurion

Episode 51 - Again, What in the name of god?

Episode 52 - Historical destruction

Episode 53 - Cunning isn't it?

Episode 54 - 10001001 (Wait WUT?)

Episode 55 - How would we all survive?

Deluxe Episodes

Current Episode: None currently

Series 1

Season 1 - China in 3D

Episode 1 - Vague Beginnings

When Cao Cao knows he has changed yet again, He wonders why The Narrator (ArceusFan2013) Chose Dynasty Warriors 6 over 5 and 4.

Now that the Deluxe show has begun...

Episode 2 - Liu Teng and his sons

When Liu Tengs appears, from the Regular AHAC show, he feels...odd.

But nevertheless he continues doing his own buisness.

Episode 3 - It takes one Dialgan...

After Liu Teng and his sons went into Deluxe, The portal oddly remained open...What came out was the "Undefeatable" Ja Dialga! He was more powerful than ever! Could they take him down now?

But where is Sun Palkia? Is he gone or something? No one knows...

Episode 4 - The keeper of Time: Ja Dialga

After China gets overexcited over the "Undefeatable" Ja Dialga, Ja Dialga shows his ultimate power! Lu Bu tries to take on this ultra powerful foe, and somehow wins. But only because Ja Dialga retreated. Lu Bu still remains Almighty, but would he suffer further on?

Time knows no bounds, or does it?

Episode 5 - Temporal Lore

Ja Dialga Chu begins his mighty journey towards power and dominance! What will China do at a time like this!?

Is China done for good? Or is a surprise waiting to strike Ja Dialga out of commission?

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