Trebzon is a country by the black sea it's Goverment is Communist at least by 

2017-2078  that it became a Dictatorship and remained liked that till its fall

at 2107  trebzon remained peacfull it declared war  2  times 1 at turkey 2 at the

2nd trebzondian Rise at 2039 its capital is constantinopole and has population 


Trebzon after the communist revolution

60M (2081 statistics)                                                                                              

Languages that are officialy spoken are Greek and Turkish  

At the second human rise they declared independance from soran empire and joined the alliance 

of Greece and Soran and then a communist revolution took place and the ideology changed to a communist [2]

 Military                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Edit

Formed:125.000 soldiers,600 armour

Peak:6.000.000. soldiers,250.000 armour 


Formed:15 destroyers,20 frigates,17 submarines

Peak:650 destroyers,970 frigates,170 submarines,45 aircraft carriers,80 battleships

Air forceEdit

Formed:90 fighters,50 Bombers,26 Transports,102 helis

Peak:50.000 fighters,10.000 Bombers,5.000 Transports,36.000 helis                                                          

National anthemEdit

Trebzon Trebzon greatest country in the world. If you want to get in you will need to bring your papers and your passport.

If you forge, if you lie, if you cheat you will be detained. You can not, I repeat, you can not fool us here on post. Next.

Trebzon Trebzon better than Miracium They are stupid and foolish and silly little rats. Filthy rats. We have tanks, we have bombs, we have guns we have glory too. There is no cowardly enemy that can bother us. Boom.

Trebzon Trebzon medicine is best in world. If you're sick, if you sneeze, or you need another heart. Or a lung. We have doctors who will make you feel almost no pain. If you scream, then they know that you are very much alive. Ouch.

Trebzon Trebzon have best football team in world. They kick balls, they kick arse, they kick everything you see. They are great. They can run, they can jum, they can score so many goals, other teams should despair, there is no true hope to win. Goal!

Trebzon Trebzon have best apartments in the world. They are big, they are grey, they are square and glorious. So great. You can eat, you can sleep, you can even just relax and watch all the other countries be really jealous. Ha-ha.

Trebzon Trebzon economy is best in world. Every man, every month can afford to buy 5 yachts Oh yachts Our industry is heaviest in world

we melt steel, we burn coal, we make air look really cool.