Windows XP was a popular computer that was created in 2001, It died on April 8, 2014 by a dictatorous decision by Microsoft, Most companies still support XP to this day, when will custom support end? We don't know...

ArceusFan2013 stated that XP will still have custom support for a maximum of 18 years past April 8, 2014.

YouTube will also lose functionality on all XP computers soon, leading to the demise of the most popular computer in the world...

Windows XP


2001 (13 years ago)


Ended 2009

Extended Support

Ended April 8, 2014 (All editions)

Extra Support

Till 2019 (5 years later)

Custom Support

Perhaps till 2032?

What to do nowEdit

There are 2 options now:

  • Upgrade to Windows 7 (Vista lost its mainstream support)
  • Plan a Custom Support (Pay up for this)

Microsoft just stated that all XPs are unsupported past April 8, 2014! Upgrading is mandatory!

Windows XP mode on Windows 7 lost its support on April 8, 2014 as well.

A NoteEdit

Windows XP has exclusive versions, they are still here till the following times:

Windows Server 2003: 2015

Windows XP Embedded (Specific versions): 2016

Windows XP Embedded "2009": 2019