Flag of Zapadrussia

Flag of Zapadrussia

Zapadrussia is the official nation of Zephyrus(Zephyrus Mapping).It means"west Russia"and it is located mainly in The Baltic states and Belarus.

Zaparussia's historyEdit

Zaparussia was first created by the union of Ukraine,Belarus,Estonia,Latvia and Lithuania.After the Eastern European war ended with the kaliningrad campaign,half of Zaparussia's army was gone.When Russia attacked,Zaparussia was supported by the blue alliance,thus starting WW3.Although Russia lost,Zapadrussia was annexed.Later,after a French civil war,Russia was forced to re-create Zaparussia using Poland.Afterwards,they joined the Polo-German Alliance and went to war with the North sea Co.,where they got Finland and Karelia.Some time later they joined the eastern powers,where they got their former glory,from the black to the white sea.After the alliance era Zapadrussia reforged both russia and eastern powers,but gave st.petersburg to Russia. Afterwards, they managed to take Germany, despite S.M.E.'s resisstance, but Soon afterwards ww4 happened.

Zapadrussia's history during WW4

Zapadrussia managed to take Scandinavia but was majorly attacked by the continental alied troops throught Germany. S.M.E. troops reached Riga and concouered it 3 years after the beginning of the war. That forced the eastern powers to engage operation blizzard, so Zapadrtussia retreated all of her forces to the city of Perm and then launched their mighty offense all the way to Rome and later Affasinon. Zapadrussian was the last royal family of the kingdom of Europe.

After the kingdom collapsed, Zapadrussia technicly won, but Russia asked for independence and they gave it to them. They then protected Russia (renamed Valgond) from the Sino-Siberians and Serbatja from the 100 states and defeated them, annexing them 5 years later in a second war. By that time Zapadrussia had conquered all of Scandinavia, the black sea and Romania.

Zapadrussia started feeling that in order to protect Europe, they must build a strong empire. This led to an imperialistic charge which defeated countries one by one. In the end, their old ally Valgond (former Russia) decided that they had enough. They attacked Zapadrussia and almost defeated them, but then the Zapadrus' started a counterattack and annexed Valgond. They then tried to defeat the coalition against them but were destroyed by the doomsday gun.

It is said that they have fled, but this is unconfirmed. Most belive them dead.

Personality and intentionsEdit

They like their slavic brothers,and are pleased with them. They are the protectors of Europe and try to keep everything calm.

Geography and PoliticsEdit

Capital:Riga (former, currently unknown)

Bordered nations: Unknown

Bordered seas: Ohotscic, sea of Japan, Pacific ocean

Allies: None


Main language:Russian

Secondary languages: Japanese

Type of goverment: Kingdom

royal family:Zapadrus' family

Current king: Vladimir Zapadrus'

Military Unknown, few